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Hi, my name is Tamikia Tamikia AlfordAlford and I am the owner of Alford I-Enterprises. My company owns and operates another E-Commerce website - AllNaturalElements.com. We have been in business since 2004 and are committed to high quality products at low prices and top of the line customer service!

I hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science and have been Programming since the age of 8. As you can see, computers and the Internet come quite easy to me. I consider these skills my gift as I believe eveyone is born with one. I believe that I am one of the blessed people who not only recognizes his/her gift, but acts on it. With that in mind, I like to incorporate a part of me into everything I do. This includes HealthyHeartHelp. In additon to my computer skills, I have worked in the Customer Service arena for 9 years. To give you an idea of the kind of customer service, I have worked in restaurant, retail, help desk, and even AAA Emergency Road Service. I have had my share of angry and happy customers. This experience has given me the tools to offer you the best customer service possible!

Clyde Alford Sr, Father of Owner

The idea for HealthyHeartHelp.com was developed after my father passed on November 26, 2004. He developed high blood pressure young and had his very first stroke at the age of 33. At the age of 24, I developed high blood pressure. So this website was started in an attempt to inform, educate, and support people with high blood pressure. Every day, heart patients get younger and younger. Symptoms are often ignored by the patient or disregarded by the doctors. With more and more people consuming fast foods, we must be conscious of our health. At HealthyHeartHelp.com, you will find valuable information from credible sources as well as quality products to monitor your Blood Pressure to keep you healthy.

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